I was always the party pooper that hated to go to parties. I felt so uncomfortable talking with people I never met before, will probably never see again. More important than that in my mind was that I was not the most interesting person at the party.

Now I have a camera to hide behind. I can go to parties with my camera. Those who know my photographic work are more likely to want me to take their picture. They actually look my direction and graciously thank me for taking their picture. I can almost feel their excitement and anticipation to see the end result. I now feel naked in public without my camera. I go back to my normal shy self and wonder why people won't look my direction. It is sort of funny because many people believe I am an outgoing and gregarious socialite. I guess compared to my nerdy software programmer peers I am.

If you see me with my camera, look my direction and indicate you want your picture taken. If I am with or without a camera, take me out of my comfort zone and carry out a conversation with me.

Thank you Nikon for making me feel more comfortable in public.



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