Model: Somer Helwig, Designer: Fashion Risks

Model: Somer Helwig, Designer: Fashion Risks

Fashion for Humanity Events has been holding events all around Florida for almost 2 years. They had events in Philadelphia, New York, and Miami.

When you would walk into the event and see the designers, models, painters, singers, dancers and all forms of entertainment, you would never expect it was a charity event.

They pick charities to receive the profits based on a lottery system in the categories of Children/Community, Animals and Health. Not only are the events entertaining, 100% of profits go to charity.

It is a win/win situation, people can be inspired, have a good time, be entertained, all while giving back to their community. The beginner and professional models gain experince/confidence, businesses gain business, and charities gain funds.

Rebecca Kerchak, Founder and CEO of FFHE, started the nonprofit because of the negativity she saw in the fashion world and the mistrust in the charity world. Her goal, since she was 5 years old, was to mix fashion and charity together in a way that was exciting, positive and charitable. After seeing a few of her events, I would say she accomplished that goal. 


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