There are many MUAs and Hair Artists that do not get the credit they deserve. 

Spending countless hours preparing the models for the show. 

Models walk out in the designers clothes, photographers take pictures, everyone has a good time. 

Not many people know the work and effort that goes on before the show starts. 

True, many photographers do not get enough credit, countless hours in editing,  and designers do not get enough credit, countless hours of designing, however I think we can agree that many forget about the MUAs and hair artists. 

This post is to honor them, all the work you do, is appreciated. 

I know the models appreciate your work and I know the photographers appreciate spending less time in Photoshop. 

Some of the MUAs/Hair Artists that participated in FFHE, I know I am missing a few and I apologize. 

  • Ema Grahovac                                        
  • Pilar Adelle                                                        
  • Hanette Mena                                                    
  • Desiree Storm
  • Trudie Stork:                
  • Savannah Smith
  • Brianah Soffa
  • Claudia Walker
  • Gio Mattia        
  • Rose:

Thank you for all that you do. 

-Rebecca Kerchak (Producer/Founder/CEO of Fashion for Humanity Events)