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Fashion For Humanity Events

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FFHE:  Originating in 1992, a non profit organization creating platforms for the arts while helping community projects and charities raise funds and awareness through fashion inspired events. 

Artistry: designers, make-up artists, hair artists, painters, models, singers, dancers, musicians and more

Combining the arts, businesses and community for the greater good of humanity. 

Making the world a better place, one event at a time.
— Rebecca Kerchak, Founder/Producer

We take pride that 100% of our donations are used to their fullest potential. We will NEVER be one of the charities donating 10%. Donations are used to produce events. Profits from these events are split evenly between the charities chosen & FFHE. We use our profits from the event to produce more events. You can donate to one charity, or many charities with more impact when you donate to FFHE.  

Example: Costs $2,000 to produce an event, event profits  $10,000.  How's that for impact?

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