Our Story

Fashion for Humanity Events started when a little girl saw the excitement of the fashion world and wanted to take that excitement into helping people. That little girl is now the President of Fashion for Humanity Events, Rebecca Kerchak.

She was thrown into the fashion as a baby with her memories from 5 years old. Rebecca went to school for Modeling and Acting at age 16 as well as earning her degree in Communications and Advertising at age 21. Ms. Kerchak has went on to plan events all over Philadelphia, NYC, Miami and now Palm Beach County, where FFHE is based. 

There are a few goals of Fashion for Humanity Events. Give back to the community, support the arts, and inspire confidence in a positive environment, not just the designers, models, photographers, videographers, MUAs and hair artists, but all forms of entertainment; the singers, dancers, musicians and painters. 

"When we take in a talent and see them blossom with more confidence and empowerment, I feel we are making the world a better, place. One event, one photograph at a time." -Rebecca

She has teamed up with the sponsor, Palm Beach Tax Group, and is building a network of positive, like-minded, giving individuals and turning an industry that can be known as somewhat vain, into something inspiring.